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This site was created for users who suffer with computer virus infection. On this site you can find help with different virus related issues. Million of removal guide will help even inexperienced users to remove a potential threat from their PC.

About free-antimalware.com

Introduction of Free-antimalware!

Computer and Internet technologies are evolving rapidly. And in this case a different virus related issue evolving too. Unfortunately, not every software program will help you to achieve your goal. From the very beginning of the IT-technologies, human realized, that software can be used as a personal profit source or a harmful weapon. Virus developers created such program for many reasons, such as profit, stealing personal data, deleting important files, creating backdoors, etc. At this very moment someone, somewhere is creating a new kind of malicious software. Even a skilled user can’t always get rid of these annoying ads and potentially unwanted programs (PUP’s). What to do, if your PC is freezing every minute and works extremely slowly? What to do with all this annoying PUP-ups and ads in your browser? Not everyone is able to answer these questions. But we are very eager to do this and help you find the solution to your problem.

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Here is a full list of steps which our team is running through for making the guide for you:

  • First step is to get our virtual machine infected by a virus, we are doing to by surfing the web on different forums and websites, trying to contact with malware creators.
  • We pretend to be simple user to get the virus from the original source.
  • After, we are infecting the virtual machine with this virus and studying it from different angles, looking for weak spots. We are making the best way to dispose of this threat and prevent the infection in the future.
  • Then we are making screenshots, gathering all the data and posting it on our blog, in simple and understandable form.
  • The last step is using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to spread the word about this malware to Internet users all over the world.

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