[SOLVED!] install.utilitooltech.com Chrome Extension. How to remove?

install.utilitooltech.com is a dangerous pop-up window which may suddenly attack your Google Chrome browser specifically and tell you about the need to download and install Utilitool Default Search extension into this browser. However, doing so is strongly not recommended, since your browser may become essentially messed up and you will … Continue reading

searchdimension.com extension alert removal help

searchdimension.com pop-up is a malicious domain name that may unexpectedly attack your Google Chrome browser. When this happens, the pop-up will then tell you about the need to download and install Search Dimension extension into your Google Chrome browser. However, we strongly advise that you do not proceed with such … Continue reading

Search.hometab.com Removal Steps

Search.hometab.com is a doubtful domain that sticks itself to various internet browser programs. This hijacker can totally change the behavior of browser by modifying certain aspects like default search engine to Search.hometab, start-up page, and new tab window. Existence of adware is very much noticeable on home page; in its place … Continue reading

How to remove Oxsearches.com Redirect

Oxsearches.com – is a redirect adware, that may infect next web-browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer when user installs free software. It might come in a bundle with free programs and it doesn’t use components that are visible to computer user. Oxsearches.com redirects user to various search engines … Continue reading

Eng-Vi Chrome virus removal tutorial

Eng-Vi is an unwanted extension for Google Chrome browser. It is currently spread through special pop-up window. These pop-ups may unexpectedly attack your Google Chrome browser after it gets already infected by adware. Your system may become infected if you let this hijacker be installed. Use this tutorial that will … Continue reading

Guide to Remove newsfor24.org Virus Effectively

newsfor24.org is unreliable pop-up ads generated by vicious free software which has been regarded as Adware used to rob web traffics to its partners’ website aggressively. It is designed to hijack web browser like Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge. When you visit porn or gambling contents, open attachments of spam … Continue reading

hijacker removal tutorial.

Home.myplaycity.com is a new browser hijacker currently attacking the majority of browsers, however, primarily it gets installed into Google Chrome. It is also quite likely that other browsers based on the Chromium open source project may become contaminated as well. According to the information from Alexa site ranking, this particular … Continue reading

Remove Search.cal-cmf.com

Search.cal-cmf.com is a low-quality engine that functions as a browser hijacker. It spreads online bundled with other freeware and shareware. You may have acquired it by accident. The hijacker is aimed at promoting its sponsors and thus earning money for its developers. It does not have any beneficial features that … Continue reading

How to remove MoviesApp Search

MoviesApp Search – is a simple ad-supported program, which claims to improve web-browsers by adding different functions. It can be installed into next browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Edge with Internet Explorer. Actually, even MoviesApp Search gives to user additional functions, it still can bring the troubles. Displayed ads … Continue reading