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Everyone hates adware, but few of them can tell what adware it is and how does it work. To show you the true self of adware, we will take as a case since it is a typical adware we recently found to be malicious to many PCs. It is … Continue reading

Uninstall from browser falls into the category of browser hijackers. Its main characteristic is that it can alter your browser settings without your approval. The hijacker can replace your home page and default search engine, however, that is not all it does. The goal of the unwanted app is to generate online … Continue reading

Remove Easy Television Access Now unwanted application

Easy Television Access Now has been identified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that has been promoted by their developers as legit and useful PC program among the system users. But if you install this application on your system then soon it may fully filled with a series of never … Continue reading

Block web page is a browser hijacker that offers you a dubious search engine. Like usual for browser hijackers, it will enter your computer via software bundles and will attempt to redirect you to sponsored websites. One of the main reasons why browser hijackers even exists is because they want to generate … Continue reading

Browser Hijacker: remove EasyDocMerge

EasyDocMerge is undoubtedly an annoying browser hijacker that causes inconvenience on hundreds of computers. Being affected by this malware, all web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Bing and Edge Microsoft will be reset into the start page of EasyDocMerge. Whenever trying to search something, what you will … Continue reading

Remove redirection virus is considered to be a webpage redirection virus and adware. Since it entered the PC, you could be conscious of its infections because it will bring in numerous ads to bother you. No matter what you are doing, working, studying, or having fun, it will take chances to show … Continue reading

Uninstall Fast PDF Converter from Chrome

Fast PDF Converter is a questionable Google Chrome extension currently classed as potentially unwanted program (PUP) or Adware. This threat can secure an access on target computer without asking for user’s approval. Due to this intrusion, some people deemed it as virus or malware. Ads – How to Remove?

If you permanently see on your PC, then this means that your PC is in a trouble. Softwareupdate.whenvideoupsafesystem4unow site is the adware program which technically isn’t a virus, yet its presence on your system is a sign for you to do something to get rid of it. Why is … Continue reading